Smoline Courses

Smoline (Social Musicology Online) is an educational platform which encompasses Hamdi Makhlouf’s courses at the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis. The platform gather him students around a social network, powered by HumHub, which allows them to follow the lessons, and to be constantly informed of all new publications. The access to these courses is done directly on the Smoline social network and requires prior registration. Each student should have his own account to acceed to the workspaces reserved for these courses.

Professor Benefits

The Professor realizes his course plan, shows his teaching skills, and his rigor about the application of the course outline. He organizes the course’s elements in relation to several parameters such as the level of his students, the general program of the course, etc.

Student Benefits

For students, an online course is the way to get more visibility of the course outline and the hole program. He will be able to evaluate the requiered work by himself. In addition, latecomers will always have the chance to find and revise their lost lessons.

How to use Smoline ?

This is a video for students to explain them how to create un accont into Smolie and how it works.

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