With Eszter Váczi (2014)

Album of the artist and jazz singer Eszter Váczi. CD Released in 2014 in Budapest (Hungary). Record of Title 9, Ana Assirr.

Album 7+1 (2013)

CD Released in France in 2013. Produced by Ennejma Ezzahra and Tsuku Boshi. Creation of Hamdi Makhlouf and Kevin Blechdom.

With “Jasmin Rouge” (2012)

New experience in composition and arrangement with “Jasmin Rouge” group (Urban Hip Hop). CD released in France in May 2012.

With Amine & Hamza (2012)

CD Released in Germany in 2012. Creation of Tunisian brother Amine & Hamza Mraihi. Vocal guest on “The Challenge”.

With Joshua Levitt (2011)

CD Released in France in 2011. Creation of the French-American artist Joshua Levitt. Recording on almost titles.

With Sultana (2010)

Arrangement & Record of the play “Déraciné” in the CD “Mosaïques” (title 11), released in October 2010, with the french artist and jazz singer Sultana.More

“Pages nocturnes” (2008)

Single “Pages nocturnes”, recorded in Paris and released in 2008 by EMI Music. CD Box with a diverse compilation of songs.

With Wajdi Cherif (2006)

The second disc recording of the tunisian artist and pianist Wajdi Cherif. CD released in March 2006 in France.

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